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Do you know what material and surface treatment glass door handle is made of ?


There are many materials for the handle, and the surface treatment process of different materials is different. 

Take metal handles as an example. Common metal handles are made of iron, stainless steel and zinc alloy.




The common surface treatment method of iron and alloy is chrome plating, nickel plating and color zinc plating.  

The electroplating method can isolate the handle from the air and make the handle not easy to rust.  

Users can choose chrome-plated nickel-plated or colored zinc-plated handles according to their needs.




Zinc is an amphoteric metal and can react with acidic substances as well as alkaline substances.  

Zinc will hardly change in dry air.  In humid air, the surface of zinc will form a dense zinc carbonate film with moisture in the air.  




The surface treatment of stainless steel is generally wire polish or brushed, brushed will make the surface look textured, and polish will make the surface look brighter.